H. Vernon Carter III

CEO and Master Craftsman (1994)

Hello my name is Vernon Carter. I was born and raised East of the Cooper on Isle of Palms S.C.  I have enjoyed working with my hands since I was very young.  Today I restore furniture; but whether I’m working on a boat, an engine, vintage truck, tractor or creating a sculpture of metal scrap, I simply find work with my hands to be a worthwhile ambition.

My father, Harris, passed on a wealth of business and woodwork experience to me. Passion for work done to the highest standard of excellence shapes my work ethic and that of our entire Chehaw Team.  After a lifetime of furniture appreciation, I enjoy sharing this understanding with our customers.

I want Chehaw to continue to provide the community with furniture restoration services that beautify the present and preserve the past. Our team is here for the practical repair of your household’s furnishings and the preservation of the personal story your furniture represents for you and those you love.

My thanks to the many customers who make this business such a great place to come to work.